HUNGER Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Hunger is now available on Netflix in English and Thai languages with English Subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie, so let’s get started.

The story is about Aoy, who is the oldest in her family. After graduating from school, she started working with her father in their small restaurant, which is their family business.

One day, while she was preparing a meal, a man walked in and gave her the card of the restaurant named “HUNGER” and said that if she wanted to take things to the next level, she must work with them. At first, she was not interested, but when she told her friends about this, she came to know that Hunger is a very famous restaurant managed by Chef Paul. So she thought of giving it a try and went there the next day.

As soon as she entered the kitchen, she was surprised to see the environment she was not used to with the kitchen equipped with modern equipment, and Chef Paul was also very disrespectful towards his employees. She came to know that they prepare special meals for the rich class, and there were other chefs also who came to join the restaurant. They had to make fried rice to get selected, and after the results, Aoy was the newest member in the team HUNGER.

Aoy’s first task was at a birthday party of a very big politician, and she had to slice and fry the most premium beef available. She had never done that before, and she went asking Chef Paul how to do this. He was very rude in his behavior, which made her cry, but she practiced the whole night and finally reached perfection. The next day, she also got appraised by the guests who were at the party.

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Their next task was to cook at a birthday party, but the family looked middle class, and seeing them no one would say that they could afford Chef Paul. Aoy kept doing her work, and the menu was designed according to the girl in the family.

Later, Aoy saw that Chef Paul threw the soup because it contained shrimp, and the girl was allergic to them, which could have killed her. But the chef who had prepared the soup stabbed Paul, and he was admitted to the hospital. Aoy used to go there to meet him and brings homemade noodles for him.

Their next task was to prepare food in the deep Thai forest for a politician who hunted a hornbill and asked them to cook it. But Aoy said that she would not do this task, but the team continued the task. Aoy now met with another owner of a restaurant named Tos, whom she met at a party during her first task. He appointed her as the head chef of his restaurant, and they got an appointment for a birthday party.

But they came to know that Chef Paul was also invited to cook there, so there was a face-off between them. But the police came and arrested Paul because someone had recorded him while he was preparing the Hornbill in the forest.

Ending Explained

In the end, Tos offered Aoy the place of Chef Paul, and she could become the next celebrity chef, but she declined the offer and went to her hometown as she had not visited there for years. Her father was ill, and she decided to run her family restaurant again. The movie ends with Aoy starting up the fire in the kitchen and preparing to cook a meal.



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