Hum Do Hamare Do Review: Maddock films and Family entertaining films are never-ending love stories, they always come up with some great and funny ideas and following the same pattern makes are back with a brand new story, A New film titled ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ is now available to watch on Hotstar, here I am going to review the film, I am going to talk about good and bad of the film.

The movie stars Rajkumar Rao, Aparshaki Khurana, and Kriti Sanon in the main lead role, the film also stars super talented actors like Paresh Rawal, Ratna Pathak Sah, Manu Rishi Chadda, and others. The film is created by Abhishek Jain and produced by Maddock films. The movie is approx 2 hours long and available in Hindi audio along with the subtitles. The film is suitable to watch with family and Kids.


The film revolves around Dhruv and Annya, Dhruv and Annya meet and fall in love with each other. Dhruv is an orphan and he was raised by Pusrshotam Mishra (Paresh Rawal). When Annya asked about the family, Dhruv lied to her and he said he haves one. Annya requests Dhruv to bring his parents so that they can talk to Annya’s family, and here starts a game of misunderstandings. Dhruv request Purshotam Mishra and Dipti Kashyap (Played By Ratna Pathak Sah) to be his parents, everything was going fine but all of sudden something happened which no one has expected. What was that and what will be the fate of Dhruv’s love story, to know this you have to watch the full movie on Hotstar?


Coming to the performances, I must say, Aaparshakti Khurana has come a long way, he was too good in the role of Dhruv’s friend and he has done an amazing job in the film, his performance is one of the best things in the film. Kriti Sanon looks good and she gives the vibe of her character that she played in the film Barely Ki Barfi’ she looks almost the same. Her dialogue delivery, body language everything was just like her old character and she had played it very beautifully. On the other hand, Rajkumar’s character reminds us of that same shy guy from the film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, he was also good in the film, this is not one of his best performances, but still, he was good enough to watch.

Ratna Pathak Sah is another highlight of the film, she looks so good in her character, she looks decent in the first few minutes, and then she transforms into a stunning performer. She was too good in the film. Paresh Rawal was also good in his role. Other actors like Manu Rishi Chadda and Prachi Pandya were good enough to watch.


The story of the film is very predictable and it is kind of old-fashioned, although the concept is new the film has very little to offer, the screenplay is average, the story is average and the film gives only a few laughs. The locations were good, the music was amazing and this makes the film watchable. I have an issue with the length of the film, the film goes very slow in the middle and it looks like makers are just dragging the film, few sequences were enjoyable but most of the time, the film looks average. I was expecting some really good laughter moments but sadly the film lacks that.


I am going with 2.5 out of 5 stars for the film, If you are looking for a film to watch with the family, You can watch the film with low expectations, if you are looking for something exciting and super funny, this film is not for you. The film is approx 2 hours long and now available to watch on Hotstar. You can watch the film with family and Kids.

  • Name Of The Film: Hum Do Hamare Do
  • Language: Hindi
  • Type: Film
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 29th October 2021
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Family-Friendly?: Yes

This was our’s Hum Do Hamare Do Review, what are your thoughts about the film?, Please let us know in the comment section.


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