Bhavai (Raavan Leela) Review: The film was in news since the release of its trailer and due to its controversial plot, the film was earlier slated for the 2nd October 2021 release, but later the film was pushed for the 22nd October released. The film is now available in the theatres near us and here is the review of the film.

The film was earlier titled Ravan Leela and stars Pratik Gandhi and Aindrita Roy in the main lead roles, the film also stars Abhimanyu Singh, Rajesh Sharma, and Flora Saini in supporting roles, the film is created and directed by Hardik Gajjar. The film is produced by Pen Studios. Let’s Jump to the review of the film.


The plot of the film was clear from the trailer itself, The film revolves around Ram Joshi and Rani who are the actors playing the roles in the Street Plays, In one play Ram Joshi plays the character of Ravana and Rani Plays the character of Sita, during the play both fall in love with each other and here begins the film. The locals and society were not happy with their relationship and here starts the war of love, traditions, and Culture, will their love survive in all this? to know that you have to watch the full movie in cinema halls near you.


Coming to the performances, Pratik Gandhi was good in his role, his dialogue delivery was thought-provoking and was a treat to watch, but sadly Gandhi fails to bring that charisma and style in the role as he did in Scam 1992, although the performance is not bad, still, it was not at that level of Scam 1992. One thing that I would like to add is, he acts more from his eyes in the film, and this film is more about expressions and emotion. Aindrita Ray was decent, I had never seen any of her works before, she looks decent in the film, her chemistry with Pratik was good and she looks good during extreme emotional sequences.

Abhimanyu Singh and Rajesh Gupta add a major boost to the film, Flora Saini was good enough to watch, Rajendra Gupta was also decent, the film was a decent attempt overall in terms of the performances.


There is nothing extraordinary in the film except those controversial characters, the film is just another love story with messed-up characters, it looks like makers were just looking for some controversial topic to make a film on. The plot of the film is very simple and it looks like a film of the 90s. The screenplay, editing everything is just below average, the locations are decent and the music of the film also has nothing much to offer.

The dialogues of the film are a waste and they don’t make any sense at all, logically there are 2-3 dialogues in the film which look sensible rest are just waste and were made to create controversy. The biggest issue with the film, it offers nothing fresh or unique, the film is just another love story where two people fall in love and they fight with society as society doesn’t accept them.


I am going with 1.5 out of 5 stars for the film, the film has nothing much to offer except some decent performances by its cast, I will suggest you skip the film if you still want to watch it, You can watch the film in theatres near yours.

Review By – Shipra

This was our’s Bhavai (Raavan Leela) Review, what are your thoughts about the film? please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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