TVF has been super consistent in delivering content that speaks not only to the normal audience but to the masses, not only it being down to earth but also giving us the gems that reconnected us to our roots with brilliant shows like Panchayat. Time after time TVF has kept that feat up by giving us stories that connect to us and stay within us once we witness the ones on screen.

Another addition to that brilliant feat is Tripling Season 3. Apart from the brilliant storyline that we did not expect for the third Season for a show that works on a major issue forcing the siblings to get together who are dealing with their own problems and in that journey filled with ups and down and a whole lot of fun, they reconnect but this season is particularly different because it touches upon quite a delicate topic that needs a proper conversation so we thought why not start it?

In this Season of Tripling, we find the siblings worrying over the recent news of their parent’s separation and they go to their home to solve that and this season revolves around that only.

The nuances that to the current generation that it picks up, for instance, the current generation does what their hearts desire like someone wants to be a singer after doing Engineering and someone wants to be a chef after finishing medical school. If the current generation is supportive of doing what the heart desires, why does it not apply to the parents as well?

Are the parents expected to be the norm, the conventional parents that only applaud the achievements of their children and be their backup when the children fall?

For people who have been together for so long and are separating on good terms, being happy for each other which is not the usual scenario, why is it not acceptable? Why is it that they are only acceptable as just mere elders who impart wisdom, be grouchy and play with their grandchildren?

It feels like the times have changed but our mindset about how our parents should be like has stayed as it is. Specifically speaking about Tripling, the trio never asked for their parent’s opinion about anything and the parents gave them total freedom to pursue whatever they want when they made a decision about their lives, should they not expect the same from their children? But instead, what they got was only judgment and constant denial along with different ways of asking them to “sleep on it”.

Our society is constantly evolving and sometimes it feels like, for the worse but it is worth noting that while we are evolving, we’re keeping the evolution to the newer generation, the youngsters for the most part of it which is good but should not the older generation be allowed the chance to change and expect some acceptance from their own children, let alone the society?

Tripling Season 3 touches upon this topic beautifully and asks us these questions on a deeper level and they need to be discussed by having an open discussion. We commend the writers for this brilliant storyline.



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