Have They Created The Red Rose App Again?: Red Rose is a British supernatural horror thriller drama series which is created by Paul and Michael Clarkson it tells the story of a high school student and his life and how their lives are affected after discovering and connecting with an app called Red Rose.

Whereas in this article, I am attempting to deconstruct the series’ ending, as it is more perplexing than the introduction of the new plot twist and everything else we see in this article. This series is now available on Netflix and the BBC.

As in the previous episode, every mystery is slowly unraveling. We see Jaya telling everyone that Simon is trapped in a palace as The Gardener uploads some child abuse video into Simon’s laptop and forces him to do some dirty work with this app. We also see Wren trying to get into the building, and Jaya is still tracking her so that they can find the details.

We see Jaya tell Dickheads not to mess with the doors because they plan to cover the cameras so Gardener can’t see them, and we hear Rick’s voice saying that he will kill her like Wren killed Roche. We know she committed suicide when we see a video start playing and when we see in the video that someone actually goes to Roche’s house to kill her.

After that, we see the police arrive and arrest Rick as he blames everyone else; we see Jaya notice something strange where she is the gardener and the mastermind behind everything that is going on; Jaya asks them if everything is over; and after that, we see Dickheads and Wren go to visit Roche’s grave and say goodbye.

In the last scene, the action shifts to Tokyo, where a group of friends is sitting in a bar and enjoying themselves. We are shocked when we see that a person named Riku gets a message that says to download the Red Rose app, but this time they change the color of the app; he clicks to download the app, and the series ends.

This is all about the ending being explained, whereas if there is a season 2, we may see what happened next to Riku and who is now following the pattern like them, or is there someone who created the replica of this app?



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