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Guliga Daiva Story | Real | Kantara Explained | Panjurli & Guliga

Guliga Daiva Story: Kantara has not only wreaked havoc on the box office by infusing mythology with action but also giving us religiously followed practices in specific parts of India i.e., the Coastal Region of Karnataka specifically shot in the village of Kaabudettu.

Kantara shows two gods that go together which are Panjurli & Guliga.

It was mentioned in the film that both go together with the king when the king asks for the stone that the villagers worship and not only one but the two gods with go along if the King goes back on his promise, even if Panjurli forgives, Guliga will not and punish him for breaking his promise. So, the question might arise that who is Panjurli and Guliga. Let us shed some light on that.

Who is Guliga?

The story of how Guliga was born also starts from Goddess Parvati when she finds a stone in a pile of ash and when Lord Shiva throws that stone in the water, it gives rise of Guliga or Gulikan.

Guliga is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and it shares the uncontrollable thirst for destruction so much so that because of its thirst, Guliga drains the seas and consumes all the fish. Not even the blood of elephants and horses could end its thirst. It was when Lord Vishnu gave him his little finger that his hunger subsided and his belly was full.

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Then Lord Vishnu sends him to earth for a sacrifice because of his behavior, Panjurli and Guliga fought over the same land ferociously but were later advised to live like siblings, and because of that, they are mostly worshipped together.



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