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Greek Salad Salade Grecque Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained

Greek Salad Salade Grecque Episode 6: “Greek Salad” is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I am going to provide you with the summary and ending explanation of the series, so let’s get started. The episode starts with Mia, Pippo, and others burying antiques on the building grounds, which leads to holding the sale of the building as archaeologists need time to dig and find more artifacts.

At the same time, Kristos appears in the building, and seeing him, Tom loses his cool and starts beating Kristos, which leads Kristos to leave his own organization and his members. Guili calms Tom down by engaging in s3x with him. Just after they finish, suddenly Guili’s long-distance boyfriend appears to meet her and reveals to Tom that they are already engaged and going to get married soon.

Reem approaches Tom and tells him that her mother’s location suddenly stopped while she was in the middle of the ocean traveling, so Tom agrees to help her and goes with her to look for her mother. He takes Guili’s car without her permission, and Guili later finds out about it. Meanwhile, ‘Noam’ with their friends takes Mia to a secret party at a secret location.

Tom and Reem reach an immigration camp but cannot talk to anybody due to legal reasons, so they have to contact their contacts who can help them to contact the immigrants there to find out if Reem’s mother is among them or not. Meanwhile, at the building, the archaeologist tells them that there are not enough antiques for them to find, so they are closing the digging. Pippo and others plan to put some old coins into the ground, which Zoran has been collecting for a long time. Zoran refuses, but Pippo manages to steal them from Zoran and puts them into the ground.

This leads to archaeologists unexpectedly finding some real antiques buried in the grounds, which can take months to dig, according to them. Tom & Reem find out that Reem’s mother is safe and that they can now return to Athens again. While going back, Reem reveals that she used to think of Tom as an asshole but now has changed her mind and that he is actually not that bad. At the same time, Mia and Noam are also done with the party, so they return to Athens also.

At night when everyone was celebrating, Noam goes to the top of the roof to take everyone’s picture, and as he was posing for his own picture, he holds a pipe that breaks, leading to Noam falling from the roof. Noam dies. The episode ends here.

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