Great Expectations Episode 2 Explained: Great Expectations is now available on HULU in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the second episode of the series so let’s get started.

The episode begins with Sara closing the curtain of her house and Joe is doing his blacksmith job. Then we see Miss Havisham playing a game with Pip and Estella, where he has to find her blindfolded, and if he finds her Estella will be all hers. However, she puts various obstacles in the way so that the game would be more challenging for him, next we see Estella and Pip talking about their life during the game.

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Then Estella introduces Pip to Herbert, who tells him that he loves her and hit a hard punch in his face, Estella wants to see them fight and wants to know who can fight to get her. The intention behind all this is Miss Havisham wants to train Pip to become a gentleman.
Next, we see a man forcing the judge to sign paperwork for a prisoner that is going to be hung that morning but got freed due to the paperwork.

Now daily Miss Havisham and Estella teach Pip about high society and how to treat a woman and all things, now there is a time jump and we came to know that Pip is celebrating his 18th birthday today and Miss Havisham has a surprise for him.
And she tells Pip he has to be good in high society things like horse riding, boxing dancing and when they go upstairs the surprise for Pip is to do S#X with Mrs. Givens, and he does as told. Pip was also very much connected with his school friend Biddy and later that day Estella speaks to him in French after that Pip asks Biddy if he can teach him, French.

Later at a party Pip asked Estella to dance with him in French and they danced for some time when Miss Havisham asked him if he loves Estella he was shocked as his goal was not to fall in love with her, and he says nothing, Havisham gives him some coin and asked him to buy some new clothes, he goes to buy some clothes, he then returns to the house wearing new clothes, he sees Estella sitting in the window and crying he runs to him and says that his lesson is now complete, Pip was surprised as he does not know what went wrong and Estella runs back to the house, we heard Pip saying “I LOVE YOU” but not enough loud that she can hear that, in the end, we see Pip sitting in the bar drinking and the episode ends.



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