Great Expectations Episode 1 Explained: Great Expectations is now available on HULU in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series so let’s get started.

The story starts in 1839 in London, where Pip is trying to Suicide by jumping off a bridge, and the story cuts to seven years earlier, where young Pip is working hard to earn some money, and now cut to prison where two prisoners are fighting that how they both hate each other, but they are given the same cell to live and the guard said that they have no choice until they get to Australia.

But one of them Compeyson doesn’t want to live there and starts a fire in the cell and escapes from there his partner Maywitch, also requests him to take him also but he left him there burning, however, he also manages to escape from there.

Later Pip wants to visit his parents at Christmas but his sister Sara and Joe doesn’t allow him to do so, but she escapes from the window at night to visit them, he was sitting in his parent’s grave when Maywitch comes there and asked him for food otherwise he also kills him and his sister, Pip brings food for him and after some time Compeyson also comes there are asked Pip if he has seen anyone, but he said that he doesn’t know anything.

Later Mr. Pumblechuck comes for dinner with Pip, Sara, and Joe and tells them he needed a boy for the child they have adopted so he wants to take Pip with her, Sara was so happy with this idea as she will get paid for this, but police arrived at their house and tells them that two prisoners are escaping from them, and takes Joe and Pip with them to hunt them,
In the jungle, they heard some noise and found out that Compeyson and Maywitch fighting covered with mud, and as soon as Maywitch was going to finish Compeyson more solid tackles them and saved him, but Maywitch didn’t tell them about Pip that he give him food.

Later we see Pip leaving with Mr. Pumblechuck to their house, in his house he met with Estella and Miss Havisham. The episode ends with Miss Havisham introducing Pip to Estella and saying to them “I want to watch you play.” And the episode ends.

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