“Gadar 2” has become a blockbuster in no time. There is so much hype for a sequel that has been released after 23 years, yet audiences are still watching and enjoying this movie very much. The hype is being compared with the hype of “Pathaan,” because “Gadar” is winning audiences’ hearts. Sunny Deol as Tara Singh is one of the most iconic characters in Bollywood ever.

Here is the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1 – 40 Crores
Day 2 – 43 Crores
Day 3 – 51.70 Crores
Day 4 – 38.70 Crores
Day 5 – 55.50 Crores
Day 6 – 34 Crores
Day 7 – 28 Crores*

Total Indian Net Collection: 290 Crores*

Total Worldwide Collection: 300 Crores*

Due to so much hype, the movie is running 24/7 on big screens. The theatres are open 24 hours just because fans are loving this movie so much. Tickets are being sold in black, and some are booking entire cinema halls for private screenings of 200-300 people.

The shows are houseful daily. “Gadar 2” passed the Monday test as well, earning more than 40-50 CRORES in a day, which is a big achievement.



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