Full Circle Series Review: Full Circle is a limited series directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Ed Solomon. The series stars Timothy Olyphant, Claire Danes, and Dennis Quaid, and follows a kidnapping that ties together multiple strands of crime, corruption, and revenge. The plot is intricate and full of twists and turns, and it takes some time to get a handle on all the characters and their motivations. However, once you do, you’re hooked.

Everyone in this series put forth a stellar performance especially the young actors they were at the center of it so the story demanded a lot from them which i must say they have done a fine job. As the series progresses all sorts of stuff starts happening around them and their reactions were very authentic. Several interesting plot twists and amazing direction and the short running time helps this series a lot as it could have been a mess. But i couldn’t say the same for the story as it is very generic and there’s nothing that would make me revisit the show.

Coming to the negative aspects of the series it feels very confusing at times as the viewer is kept in the dark for lots of essential plot points and when they finally reveal them it always feels too late. The screenplay and story could have been better as it would have made the show a bit more engaging. Some plot points could have been scrapped as i feel there are certain characters that had almost no importance in the grand scheme of things and they’re easy to forget as we don’t feel much attachment to them.

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Overall, Full Circle is a well-made and entertaining thriller with some thought-provoking themes. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth a watch for fans of this genre and i would rate it a 3.6 out of 5 stars.

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