Freddy Review: A Below Average Thriller That Offers Nothing

Freddy Movie Review: Freddy starring Kartik Aaryan finally released as a Direct OTT release on Hotstar, the film was one of the much-awaited films of Kartik as he is going to be in Never seen Avatar the film, The film was released a few hours back on Hotstar, I Just finished the film and here is the detailed review of the film.

The film stars Kartik Aryan and Alaya F in the main lead roles, The film is directed by Shashanka Ghosh and Produced by Balaji Telefilm, The film is around 100 Minutes long and now available on Hotstar, the film is suitable to watch with Family, Let’s Jump to the review.

The story of the film revolves around Freddy aka Dr. Freddy Ginwala who is an introvert and all alone, he uses dating apps and websites to get a match but he failed every time, one fine day he met a married woman Kainaaz Irani (Played by Alaya) who is in an abusive marriage, after few meetups, they both fall for each other and here starts their Plan to stay together, What was their Plan and how it goes? To know this, You have to watch the full movie on Hotstar.

Coming to the performances, Kartik was looking good initially but in the later half of the film he becomes repetitive and his performance lacks that intensity for a Dark thriller film, although he tried his best to look perfect, wearing glass and changing only Haircut style is not going to make you fit for these roles, Alaya F was decent in her role, She was pretty and she looks confident, she was so good in the climax sequences and overall she was slightly better than Kartik in many frames, Rest other actors were decent enough to watch.

The story of the film is very much predictable it lacks that important thrill element, from the first meeting of the lead actors, almost any of us going to predict what is going to happen, the pace of the film is also slow and the dull BGM also hampers the film, The writing of the film is childish and it has many loopholes, in 2022 when the Malayalam thriller is making news for all Good reasons, the childish films like ‘Freedy’ is not going to work for sure, The locations were decent and the rest other thing were average.

I am going with 2 Out of 5 stars for the film, The film is a below-average and predictable thriller that ends nowhere and offers nothing exciting to watch, Kartik tried his best to create a new image but he failed, If you love thrillers, there are many Malayalam films that you can, I will suggest you Skip the film, If you still want to watch the film, You can check it on Hotstar, in Hindi audio along with subtitles.

This was our review of Kartik Aaryan’s Hotstar original film, what are your thoughts about the film? Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates stay tuned with us.


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