Four More Shots Please Season 3 Review: Honestly speaking, after season 1, I didn’t find this show interesting, the Ending of season 2 was a little exciting and that’s the reason why I as waiting for season 3 of the show, The season 3 of the Four More Shots Please is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and here are the Goods and bads of the show.

There is a total of 10 Episodes in Season 2 and all episodes are around 36-42 Minutes long, The web series is now streaming on Prime Video in Hindi audio only along with the English subtitles, Here Goes The Review Of The Show!

The show starts from the last season where it left us, The story looks the same in season 3 too and it disappoints me a lot, I was expecting something fresh and different but season 3 again looks like the Photocopy of the last 2 seasons, The same old conversation that makes no sense are again in the episodes and those 10 episodes look super long and stretchy.

The only difference i found in this new season is the Locations and Productions budget has improved from season 2, apart from that we are again going to see those ladies’ talks from which we are fed up in Season 2 and Season 1. Season 3 starts with some good vibes that all the ladies were planning to sort out things in their life and then after a few episodes the show again turned into the Love, Lust, F-ups, and relationship mess which offer nothing new.

Coming to the Performances, Kirti Kulhari looks good but again the script makes her performance average, Sayani Gupta looks fresh and she is best in Season 3, She delivers that charm and authenticity in her role, Maanvi Gagroo and Baani J again were decent but the Poor and Lazy writing sometimes make their dialogue delivery annoying. The rest others were decent in their respective roles.

The locations and the BGM is the best thing about the show and this is the best among all three seasons, season 3 looks bright and more colorful, all thanks are some great locations and some good BGM.

The ending of the show is slightly better than the last season and it looks fresh and offers a good vibe, Still that ending was not enough to make this 10 Episode show Repetitive and dull, half of the credit goes to the Lazy writing too, There is a lot of unnecessary melodrama which was not needed at all and at the end, it will annoy and irritate you.

I am going with 2 Out of 5 stars for the Show, If You loved the last two seasons, You can watch this show in fast-forward mode, If you are new to this show, then I will suggest you skip the show. For all those who don’t know, There are three seasons streaming on Amazon Prime Video and the Show is not suitable to watch with Kids and Family.

Rating: 2/5



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