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Brightcliffe Hospice Real Place? | The Midnight Club House Location?

Brightcliffe Hospice Real Place (The Midnight Club House): Recently Released Scary Horror Show On Netflix The Midnight Club Revolves around the life of 8 Teenagers Who are terminally ill and they Go To Heal Themselves In Brightcliffe In That Hospice, Every Night They Assemble And Tell Each Other Spooky Scary Horror Stories But The Place Brightcliffe Hospice Have Their Own Secrets after coming to that Place They Come To Know That There are some real Ghosts Exist In That Hospice.

Now We’ll Tell About That Brightcliffe Hospice Exists In Real Or Not?

The Answer Is No This Place Is Totally A Fictional Place There Is No Such Place that Exists Like This, This Place Is Adapted From Christopher Pike’s Book With The Same Name The Midnight CLUB, in that Book The Name Of Hospice Is Rotterham Home That Is Also A Fictional Place Created By The Pike Author Of The Book.

Pike got the idea of this book after meeting one of his fans, Pike Was once Approached By A Couple Whose Daughter Is Terminally ill And the Biggest Fan Of Pike Books. After meeting pike That Teenage girl was really happy and Her parents were also happy that pike came and met her Because Of That Idea Pike Wrote The Midnight Club.


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