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Florida Man Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

Florida Man Episode 3 Summary & Ending Explained: “Florida Man” is a captivating mystery comedy-drama series that has taken the world by storm. The show revolves around the character of Mike, played by Edgar Ramírez, and his encounters with the notorious Florida Man.

So far, we have covered the Episode 1 and Episode 2 recaps of the series “Florida Man.” You can also check them out for better context. The show has a total of seven episodes, and in this article, we will be discussing the third episode of the series.

In this episode, a Florida man broke into Orange County jail, and the suspect is now out on bail on charges of robbing a jewelry store. Delly meets Mike’s father at his bar and shows him a coin, telling him that there are many more coins if he helps her. The money-loaded truck is now in a sinkhole, 70 feet deep.

Mike receives a phone call from his boss informing him that Delly, the girlfriend of the mob boss, had taken his pen drive without permission. Kaitlyn, a news reporter, now wants to investigate Delly’s case. Mike’s father is now in a race to find gold coins, so he follows Mike. During this time, Ross organized a memorial in honor of Delly, who had passed away. Delly calls someone and tells them everything that is happening. Mike, Delly, and his father are now on a mission to find the money. They find the truck in the sinkhole now.

The next day at the memorial, the detective finds out everything and knows that Mike is in Florida. So, one of the policewomen goes to Florida. Actually, that policewoman is Mike’s ex-wife. When Mike and his father dive into the sinkhole, someone kills their partner and throws them into the sinkhole. And the episode ends.

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