Florida Man Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: “Florida Man” is a Netflix mystery comedy-drama series starring Edgar Ramirez. The show has seven episodes, and we are covering the episode-wise recap and explanation of the show. Here is the Episode 2 Recap.

If you haven’t checked the Episode 1 Recap, please go and check it for a better understanding.

The show follows the story of Mike, a former police officer who struggles with a compulsive gambling habit. After leaving his life in another state behind, he returns to Florida to search for Delly, the girlfriend of his mob boss who has gone missing.

The episode starts, and we come to know that everything about the murder was planned. Mike lies to his boss, Moss, that Delly is murdered. During the torture session, Delly finds out that one hundred million dollars are in Central Florida. Delly and Mike are now on the way to finding that one hundred million dollars.

A boy finds out a gun beside a crocodile, and the police now suspect that Delly was killed by Mike (they don’t know she is alive). While having a conversation with Mike, the police find out that Delly is not dead. Mike’s landlord now suspects Mike, and there is a lot of investigation going on. Mike tells Moss that if he finds out who the killer of Delly is, then he will be free. A policeman was arrested for taking a gun (the one which was found beside the crocodile) of a murder. Delly stole a pen drive from Moss.

There is a flashback where Mike finds a coin on the seashore. Mike finds out where the one million dollars is and calls Delly to that he has found where the money, but now Delly is with Mike’s father. The episode ends. Actually, there is a lot of emotional things going on in this episode, so I can’t describe them in words. Emotion is to be felt from the inside.



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