Father Soldier Son Netflix

Father Soldier Son Netflix

Father Soldier Son Netflix: Netflix is bringing an emotional movie for us. The movie follows a sergeant father who is deployed in Afghanistan for a long time. He is worshipped by his both sons and they love him a lot. Tragedy strikes and Brian Eisch ( the father ) gets seriously injured.

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He returns, home but is a changed man. He tries to work to be normal but is still haunted by what happened with him. The story delves deeper into the relationship of 3 and how the Sons try to cheer up their father


There is nothing much revealed about the cast, The movie stars Brian Eisch, the movie is directed by Catrin Einhorn and Leslye Davis.


The Official trailer of the movie is not released yet, it would be available by July first week on Netflix

Release date

The Movie is going to release on Netflix from 17th July 2020, the movie would release in English audio along with the subtitles, there is no official confirmation about the Hindi dubbed version of the movie.

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