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Faruq In ‘Class’ Netflix | Instagram, Age, Actor Name | Who Plays?

Faruq In ‘Class’ Netflix: Faruq is one of the main lead characters from Netflix’s Class. Faruq is the younger brother of Saba. Faruq sells drugs and makes money from drugs and lives his life. He is gay but he can’t say this to his family so he always hides this.

Dhruv wanted drugs so Balli takes Dhruv to Faruq and The two start liking each other.

Who Played Faruq in Netflix’s Class?

Chintan Rachchh Played the lead role of Faruq in Netflix’s Class. Chintan Rachchh is a Performance poetry Artist he Performs poetry on stage. If you search for Chintan Rachchh on YouTube you will find 100 of his poems and he is pretty popular on Instagram.

Chintan total has 49k+ Followers (as of now) on Instagram @chintanrachh, what is your take on Chintan’s Performance?, Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, and stay tuned with us.



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