Fake Profile Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: The Columbian Netflix original series started well on the Platform and audiences are loving the show. We are here to cover the Episode wise recap of the show and here goes the episode 2 Recap and ending of ‘Fake Profile’ which was released a few days back on Netflix.

At the end of the first episode, Camila discovers that the person she thought was Fernando is someone else who is married and has two children. In this article, we will provide a recap of the second episode of the series. Let’s get started.


The second episode picks up where the first episode left off. Camila, after seeing Fernando’s family, decides to leave. David asks her about her problem, and she reveals that Fernando has been lying to her. Additionally, she realizes that she has missed her flight. Now, Camila decides to stay near Fernando to learn more about him, his family, and his past. She rents a house near him, which happens to be owned by his family. There, she meets Fernando’s wife, Ángela Ferrer. Camila hires David as her driver and introduces him as her husband to Fernando’s family. However, upon learning the cost of the house, she decides against renting it.

With nowhere else to go, David takes her to his grandmother’s resort to live. Camila starts living there, but during a visit to the house, she encounters Ángela’s brother, Adrián Ferrer. Later that night, Adrián invites her to the opening of their new restaurant. Meanwhile, Pedro Ferrer, Miguel’s father-in-law, and multimillionaire, is searching for a new CEO for his company. He dislikes Miguel and wants him to leave his daughter as soon as possible.

The Ending

Camila decides to attend the restaurant opening, where she finally meets Fernando again. A mistake occurs, and she gets involved with him once more. On the other hand, Miguel’s father-in-law is plotting to kill him to free his daughter and give her the position of CEO. Miguel’s son, Lucas Estévez, also distrusts his father.

Towards the end of the episode, we see that Camila, after talking to Fernando, decides to move to his neighbor’s place. The true reason behind her decision will be revealed as the series progresses. Additionally, just before the episode ends, we witness Lucas installing security cameras in the house where Camila has chosen to live, as he doesn’t trust his father.



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