Exception Season 2 Release Date: Exception Is An Recently Released Sci-fi Anime Horror Show This Show is based Kn An Original Story Written By Hirotaka Adachi Character Design By Yoshitaka Amano And Show DIRECTED By Yuzo Sato.

This Show Released On Netflix on 13th October 2022 With 8 Episodes In Japanese And English Languages available with English Subtitles too. The average Runtime Per Episode Is 25-45 Minutes.

The Show Is Receiving Great Reviews And Performing Well On Netflix Anime Fans Are Loving This Series But in the end, they wanted more now we’ll tell you about the second Season Of Exception

This is not officially announced by Netflix and makers That season 2 Will but we’re telling you that season 2 will come. It’ll Come around the Year 2024 You Can Expect At That Time, renewal Will be announced Very soon from the side of Netflix and Makers.

Have You seen this anime show yet? Excited about the 2nd one?



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