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‘Enoch’ Love Is Blind : Instagram, Age, All Details | Season 5

‘Enoch’ Love Is Blind: Enoch is one of the contestants in Netflix’s Love is Blind who wants to find his soulmate as everyone, will he be successful we will find out in the upcoming weeks. You will know everything about Enoch in this article.

In his 27 years of life, he enjoyed being single, because he doesn’t have any problem attracting women. But Enoch now wants a serious relationship, as he is in his late 20s and wants to settle down. Enoch always attracts women, but it always ends up as a physical relationship then a serious relationship. And he doesn’t like it; he wants connection beyond physical relationships.

He wants a loyal, and passionate woman who can match his energy. The reason why he can’t have a serious relationship is due to his past job. He has to travel a lot around the country, but he is now settled in Houston. Enoch loves cooking and it will be lucky for that woman to find a guy who can cook.

Enoch’s full name is Enoch Culliver and he is a financial advisor and now he is living in Houston. He has 1k+ Followers on Instagram, and he is also on Twitter.



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