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Deepa In ‘Scoop’ Real Name, Image | Netflix

Deepa In ‘Scoop’ Real Name, Image: Scoop streamed on Netflix on 2nd June 2023 at midnight. There is so much to explore in this series. For the first time, we’re witnessing journalism with so much passion. In Scoop, there are many characters, and everyone has a dark side.

Let’s talk about the character of Deepa;

The character of Deepa is played by actress Inayat Sood. Jagruti was guiding Deepa at every step. Deepa admires Jagruti very much. In fact, she also wants the same fame just like Jagruti. Jagruti is like a mentor to Deepa. Jagruti and Deepa frequently go together to Mumbai Police Headquarters to get some exclusive scoops.

At Headquarters, Deepa makes some connections with ACP Devvrat. But Deepa is not in favor of Jagruti. She went to Leena and gave the information that the female crime journalist is Jagruti, which was circulated all over the news. That news led to Jagruti’s arrest, and Jagruti became the accused of Sen’s murder.

Before Leena, Deepa had gone to Imran to give this scoop to him, but Imran completely neglected that news because Imran believes Jagruti does not have any contact with the underworld. Deepa declared Jagruti guilty.



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