The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 1: AMC’s original series, The Walking Dead: Dead City, is now all set for release on AMC on June 17, 2023. Episode 1 of the series is now live. I just finished Episode 1, and here’s the recap, review, and some more details about the characters.

Before jumping directly into the recap, let’s have a brief introduction of the characters in the series, especially in context with the episode.

Characters In Episode 1

  • Maggie: Looking for her marshal, kidnapped by a group called The Croat.
  • Negam: Going to help Maggie in rescuing her son, an old friend of Maggie.
  • Ginny: A small girl whose father turns into a walker (zombie). Negan is taking care of her.
  • Harshel: Maggie’s son who got kidnapped by ‘The Croat’.

Recap And Ending

The episode of the show starts with a recap where we get to see a lady (Maggie) hiding from zombies, and then all of a sudden, she is attacked. She manages to save herself.

The story now shifts to the backstory, and we see that Maggie is chasing a man named Negan. After reaching Negan, Maggie asks him to help her as her child was kidnapped by the Croat, and she believes that Negan can assist her in rescuing him.

Negan and Maggie move towards Babylon City, and just before the entrance, we see two zombies hanging by a rope. In another frame, we see marshals looking for Negan on murder charges. The police officer asks a bar owner (where Negan stayed a few days back) about Negan, and she tells him everything. Then the police officer throws her out of the fence for zombies, and we observe that there is a fence separating the city. On one side, common citizens are living, and on the other side, zombies are living.

Negan is accompanied by a small girl named Ginny, and before going to save Hershel, he hands Ginny over to one of Maggie’s known friends. The marshal finds a half-torn map book and assumes that Maggie and Negan are in Manhattan.

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Before the marshal gets to Maggie, Maggie takes one of the marshals (Jano) hostage. Before the others can follow them, they cross the river. Upon crossing, they start going through streets filled with dead zombies. Due to a sudden noise, the zombies wake up and start following them, but somehow they manage to evade them by remaining silent.

Soon, they encounter a large group of walkers. They are about to be attacked when the marshals start firing at them from behind. Maggie and Negan run towards a building that appears to be a shopping center. The marshal also follows them to apprehend them.

While Negan and Jano are hiding, Jano is attacked by a zombie. Negan saves him, but later, the marshal mistakenly shoots Jano. Negan and Maggie manage to escape from there. Here, we catch a glimpse of Maggie’s son, Hershel, and the kidnapper, the Croat. The episode ends here.


Episode 1 was good for me, and I would say it’s a great start for the show. The series looks scary, and the visuals are just stunning. The story seems simple for now, but we need to wait for 3-4 episodes before commenting on it. The next episode will be out next week.



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