Dark Skies Netflix Ending Explained: Time after Time there always comes a movie which leaves us baffled. We think we are paying attention to the movie, even to the tiniest details but after the movie gets finished we are left confused with many questions, ors , ifs, etc. Today we are going to talk about one such movie which released way back in 2013 called Dark Skies.

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To be honest Dark Skies cannot be called a horror flick because the movie is packed with slow revelations rather than jump scares. What makes revelations higher than 2-sec scare because it makes you think and surprised. The movie slowly gets into its characters and their development throughout the movie, the dissection of the layers of the characters is done perfectly in this movie. The movie also falls in a typical home invasion by extraterrestrials genre, but this works in favor of them as it slowly disintegrates and forms an important part of the overall story. Let’s us get into that

Dark Skies Netflix Plot

The plot of the story is simple at the beginning with the story focusing on a family of 4 – Daniel Barrett, who is the head of the family but the only thing in which he is not firm is holding to a job, because of this, the house is often supported by his wife Lacy. They have 2 kids named Jesse and Sammy.

They have been living the same life for many years but their world goes upside down when they start to experience something. We see Lacy noticing weird geometrical figures randomly drawn onto her kitchen ceiling, one day they realize that all of their family photos have disappeared out of nowhere. This supposed prank gets on to a whole new level when their security alarms go off, indicating the breach of all the entry points of their house all at once.

Then soon enough things start to escalate as the family starts to experience some horror events as – their youngest son Sammy explained to them that a certain Boogeyman visits him at the night, or once Lacy went into Sammy’s room to.find a creature who was long and grey in color bending over at Sammy’s head.

Birds of different species start to fall down and die at their house. Weird symbols start to appear at both the kids’ bodies. Lacy starts to believe that they are being mistreated by extraterrestrials which Daniel disregards. They think to go to someone who might have knowledge about these events. They find a self-proclaimed expert who guides them into the matter that these beings are called ‘ Grey ‘ and they have traveled millions of light-years to reach here and thus they will not stop at anything.

He also explains that Barrets are not the only ones who have experienced the same events, in fact the other families who claimed the events suffered a tragic loss as one of their children has been abducted by the Greys. Daniel and Lacy think that Sammy is the target of the Aliens seeing the previous events hence they start to take extra care and precaution measures for him.

How do Greys work?

In the film, we see the aliens seem to follow a fixed procedure before they pull off their final abduction.

1. They try to process the humans and their emotions by doing certain things so that the human shows his/her emotions, like removing the photos of the family from the house – This is called Imaging

2. The second one is called Envisioning. Here the humans unknowingly start to take part in the events such as Lacy banging her head and later she doesn’t have any memories of it . Or Daniel going out of the house and suffering from nosebleeds and waking up to remembering nothing.

3. Greys have actually done implants in the brain of the family, thus controlling the hallucinations and their behavior.

Dark Skies Netflix Ending

In the final moments of the film, we see that after all the hard work for saving their child Sammy, the aliens took Jesse. It becomes clear that Sammy was never a part of their plan and it was Jesse all along whom the Greys had their eyes on. In fact, the alien abduction story sounds very made up and thus Daniel and Lacy become the suspect for the disappearance of their child.

There are several moments that lead up to this such as, When Lacy is going through Jesse’s old things, she discovers some drawings from his childhood in which he shows the Greys surrounding his bed. And also Sammy’s walkie talkie starts to emit glitchy sounds and Jesse’s glitchy voice can be heard calling out Sammy’s name. The ending actually left many questions that if Jesse was the target all this time why not do it earlier why let him reach a specific age to do it.

Was Jesse himself a Grey?

Well, this might be true and if we look back into the movie we could see some moments that support this theory. Let’s see that Jesse was an alien and was placed by the greys to learn about the human life and to extract information about them since other parents also reported their children missing this is certainly a solid point to make, as the greys are trying to gather as much info as they can by placing their kind in various places.

The drawings in his room having greys in it might signify his biological parents. Also, Jesse fell extremely ill as a child because the earth’s atmosphere was initially not suitable for him.

Also, in the end, we see Jesse trying to make contact with his human family, this can be said that he might have gotten attached to his family who raised them and wanted to talk to them.


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