Crashh (Crash) Web Series Review: After lots of promotion and news, finally Alt Balaji and Zee5 original series Crashh is now released on both streaming platforms, and here in the post we are going to review the web series, we would talk about the performances, plot and few more points about the web series.

The web series stars Anushka Sen, Rohan Mehra, Kunj Anand, Zain Imam, Aditi Sharma, and others, the web series is created by Ekta Kapoor and the web series is directed by Kushal Zaveri, the web series is of a total of 10 episodes and all episodes are approx 20 Minutes Long, the web series is available In Hindi audio along with English subtitles.


As shown in the trailer, the series starts from a car accident, where four kids from a family get separated as their parents die in a brutal car accident. Elder brother becomes a Police Inspector and he starts searching for his siblings, he goes through the files and data but he was unable to get any clue of his siblings, one fine day during an investigation he unknowingly meets his sister in hospital, but he was still unaware about her, how the things go after that, would be able to meet the remaining 2, where are they and how would they meet, to know this, You have to watch the full web series on Alt Balaji.

One of the biggest reasons, I started watching the web series was the concept, plot, and storytelling of the series. No one likes the same old half-baked drama of separation and reunion, the topic was good, but it was delivered very badly and very old-fashioned.


The only good thing about the series is some decent performances by star cats, Anushka Sen was superb and she looks amazing in her role, Aditi Sharma, on the other hand, was superb and she had played brilliantly, Rohan Mehra is decent in his role. The other actors like Kunj Anand and Zain Iman were also good with their roles. The only positive point from the series is performances.

Screenplay & Editing

I don’t know why makers are in so hurry for making another season, the climax of the web series is just worst, You can’t imagine clueless climax, the screenplay is also very poor and the series goes dull and boring after the 2nd episodes, it feels like a youtube web series. The editing of the series is decent and the length of each episode was kept short. The locations and music from the series were decent and it gives good vibes.


We are going with 2 out of 5 stars for the series, the series is good in terms of performances, if we keep the poor script aside, the series is a good one time watch, but if you are looking for something fresh, unique, stay away from this, there is nothing new in the series.

The series is approx 150 minutes long and there are 10 episodes in the series and each is about 20 minutes in length, You can watch them on Alt Balaji and Zee5 with a subscription.

This was our Crashh web series review, what are your opinion about the series, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on web series and OTTs stay tuned with us.


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  1. A fan of Aditi sharma on

    I watched this show only for Aditi Sharma.
    And as usual, her performance in fantabulous and she gave 200 per cent justice to her role (kajal). And this is a very different role if we compare with her other roles I.e (Meera and Roshni). And overall it was a nice show. Even I liked the concept of siblings reunion. It was a nice concept. And I liked the character of kajal not only because she is my favourite actor but her character was very matured. And even other actors did well. and according to this show should get 4.8 rating

  2. Crazy fan of Aditi sharma on

    Aditi didi you did a nice job
    I am a huge fan of you from yjhjk
    Even in that serial your performance was superb and even in this

  3. I watched this series for siblings reunion also…. It is really engaging. I would prefer to others too. The actors, Aditi, Anushka and others played their character really well. Brilliant performance from all. I wonder why most people don’t like this type of series. They maintain it really well. Would give at least 4.5 for the rating.

  4. Where are you all watching the show I don’t see any full episodes ? Please send the link or the name of where u are watching the show CRASHH 2021

  5. This series is a ditto copy of a old serial which was also produced by ekta Kapoor “kahin toh milenge ” If anyone remember I used to watch that serial in my childhood so I already know all the characters and story hahaha like seriously ekta Kapoor doesn’t have any new story so now she is recreate her old stories with new actor but look she didn’t change the characters mean come on at least used some creativity………… Each and everything is same wowww kudos to mamm

  6. Up to ep 9 it was good then why that twist at the end.. I have my board exam tomorrow and i am watching it today..oh god
    I hate the ending💔

  7. It was a really good web series..Superb acting by all actors specially loved the role of kajal played by aditi sharma.. I an eagerly waiting for season 2..

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