Citadel Episode 2 Amazon Prime Video: Episode 2 of the newly released Amazon Prime Video show Citadel is titled “Spies Appear in the Nighttime.” The episode is around 44 minutes long, and here is the Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explanation for the show.

Before jumping into the Episode 2 Recap, I advise you to check out our Episode 1 Recap and Explanations for a better understanding and clear connections and information about the characters. Here is the Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explanation for Citadel.

The episode starts with the same 8-year-old flashback again, and this time we see Nadia’s story. We find out that Nadia is alive and she calls Bernard for help. However, Bernard refuses to help and starts erasing Nadia’s memory.

Nadia is badly injured and takes the help of an ongoing car. When she wakes up, she finds herself at an isolated house, and a man attacks her. Nadia manages to get rid of him, and the story returns to the present.

Bernard asks Mason to get the briefcase back if he wants to keep his daughter and family alive. Somehow Mason agrees, and they manage to retrieve the briefcase from the hands of the “Manticore” group. When the men of Manticore inform Dahila that the case has been stolen and Mason is alive, she orders them to bring the case back safely and Mason alive.

While Bernard and Mason are being chased by the Manticore men, Bernard tells Mason about the injection that contains all his memories. Bernard explains that if Mason injects this in his neck, all his old memories will be revived. When Mason was about to inject the needle into his neck, their car is attacked by the Manticore men, and Bernard dies in the shooting. Mason somehow manages to escape from there in a car.

Upon reaching a safe place, Mason opens the case and manages to locate Nadia. To learn more about the Citadel and the missions, he finds out that Nadia is in Valencia, Spain. Upon reaching there, he collides with Nadia in a restaurant while looking for her. When he asks her about the Citadel, Nadia refuses to recognize him as she doesn’t remember anything from the past. Mason manages to open the briefcase with Nadia’s help, and Nadia is shocked to see her name mentioned there. Mason asks Nadia to take the injection to regain her past memories, but she refuses.

Manticore men arrive at the restaurant as they were following the briefcase. They recognize Nadia, and Nadia is injured in the fight. Nadia then takes the injection in her neck, and she regains all her memories and power. She counter-attacks the Manticore men and manages to get rid of them.

Mason and Nadia run away from there, and Davik (Manticore man) follows them. On the other hand, we see that Bernard is alive, and he is now captured by Dahila, who is asking about the case and codes. Episode 2 ends here.

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The story is now at full pace, and if we listen to the dialogues of Bernard, Nadia, and Mason carefully, we get to know that everyone is hiding something from each other. Nadia knows something that Mason doesn’t. The upcoming episodes are going to be exciting as it’s a war between Manticore and Mason & Nadia.

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