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How Gus Saw Visions ? & What Were Those Visions? | Sweet Tooth Season 2 Explained

“How Gus saw visions & what those visions were: Season 2 of the Netflix original fantasy drama “Sweet Tooth” is currently streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes. The show is based on the comic of the same name, created by Jeff Lemire. Before knowing the answer, let’s have an overview of the story. The post-apocalyptic fantasy drama series is about a hybrid boy who is searching for his parents. During his journey, he meets many friends and uncovers lots of secrets.

Season 2 is all about the rescue operation of Gus, and it also provides us with more information about the virus and the hybrids. Gus was taken to Dr. Singh for his research inside the Preserve. While talking with him, he discovered that Gus could see visions when he came into contact with purple flowers. Gus also said that when he fell among the purple flowers, he saw his Pubba on the other side. This is how Gus saw visions.

What are those visions? When Aditya Singh learned that Gus could see visions in contact with purple flowers, he took him to an isolated place full of purple flowers. He helped Gus to see memories. When Gus closed his eyes among the flowers, he saw all past things, such as his Pubba (aka Richard), their cottage, and more. But that’s not the information that Singh wanted. So, he pressured him. He believed that Gus could also see things that happened long before he was born. And surprisingly, Gus saw some flashes of “Fort Smith Lab” and “Project Midnight Sun.”

This is how Aditya Singh obtained all the important information from Gus’s visions.”



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