Chupa Movie Summary & Ending Explained: “Chupa” is now available on Netflix in English with English subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie, so let’s get started.

The movie starts with Richard Quinn, a scientist leading his team. They have discovered that the Chupacabra exists in this world, and they are going to capture one in Mexico. They find a small Chupacabra which looks like a small puppy but with sharp teeth, claws, and a set of wings. As soon as they capture it, a bigger Chupacabra comes and rescues the small one.

Meanwhile, Alex’s mother tells him to go to Mexico, but he dislikes going there due to their Mexican culture. However, it was his father’s dying wish, so he decides to go. Chava, Alex’s grandfather, receives him at the airport and takes him to their farmhouse where he meets Memo, his younger cousin, and Luna, his older cousin.

He notices an injured goat there and concludes that it was attacked by a Chupacabra as they are very fond of goats. But his grandfather says that these creatures do not exist now, but he thinks that he has spotted the same creature in the bushes. The next morning, when he wakes up, he meets the creature again in his grandfather’s barn, and he names him Chupa. Their bond starts getting strong as he holds him in his hand, and they become very close. However, Quinn arrives on the farm.

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Before Quinn can capture the creature, Alex’s grandfather, dressed as a wrestler, comes and kicks him, and escapes with Chupa and the kids in the car. They go to the accident site to find Chupa’s family, and upon reaching there, Chupa gets excited and starts running. Alex follows him, and as soon as they reach the cliff, Chupa howls, as he is calling his family, and from the other side, another howl is heard. Chupa starts running there, but Alex falls off the cliff. Thankfully, Chupa hears the scream and rescues him, but then Quinn arrives again on the location.

The Ending

He captures Chupa and puts him in his car, but a family of Chupacabras arrives and attacks him in his car. Quinn starts running from there, but Chava arrives and uses his signature wrestling move to take him down.

But now, Chupa has to go with his family, and Alex has to go home. He says a final goodbye to the beast, but he sees Chupa one last time while he is on the flight back home. He sees Chupa flying alongside his plane, and in the end, we see the creature happy with his family and enjoying life. The movie ends.



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