Chemistry Of Death Episode 1 Recap: Paramount+ Original Series “Chemistry Of Death” is based on the novel of the same name that was released in 2006 and written by Simon Beckett. His book has been adapted into a six-part series by Paramount and the first Episode has been released recently.

It tells the story of a Forensics Expert Dr. David Hunter who has suffered a personal tragedy and, in its wake, he now works as a Country Doctor in a small village but a gruesome murder of a woman pulls him back into the world he is keeping away from. If you’re curious about the first episode, here’s the recap of the Episode.

Chemistry Of Death Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Two kids are wandering into the woods when the younger one finds a mutilated corpse of a woman who has been laid on the group with wings to her sides portraying like an angel. The boys are then visited by Dr. David Hunter who works as a Country Doctor and tries to get a sense of what happened when he’s out on his way, the Police shows up and he offers to show them the place where the corpse is present. He’s visited by a DCI Mackenzie who questions him about his whereabouts and his relation with the dead girl, Sally. DCI Mackenzie does a little research on Dr.

David finds out that he’s a big shot with a big degree and also that he’s a Forensic Anthropologist and asks his help to look at the site where the body was found. David after witnessing a fight outside a bar with his friend Ben with someone else agrees to look at the site and he helps the Police by doing some work but he strictly denies looking at the body.

At the same time, we see the two boys which found the body in the woods, their mother Linda had a dream about Sally and she tells David about it when he comes to visit the kids. Now, Linda goes for a run every morning and evening, and while on her run, she finds a mutilated bird in an earlier similar fashion and the next thing we see is someone kidnapping her.

After her disappearance for a day, the Police get informed when she doesn’t turn up for work and a search party is started for her to look in the woods. However, the search abruptly gets stopped after the people find traps in the woods, and some people get hurt by them.

While David is leaving, DCI Mackenzie asks him to look at the body and put whatever trauma he’s had in his past, in his past and David agrees. He’s able to deduce by the cuts and the blood loss that Sally might have been alive when her throat was cut and the multiple cuts on her back and throat do not match which means there were multiple knives associated and even to a revelation that there might have been two people.

At the end of the Episode, we hear the search dogs barking like they have found something and the Episode ends right there.

Chemistry Of Death Episode 1 Is streaming on Paramount+.



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