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Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 3: CBC’s Son Of A Critch is back again with the third Episode this Season after returning for the second Season this year. It starts off after Fox breaks up with her boyfriend which she got into a relationship, with over the summer but then realized she doesn’t want to be with him.

On the other hand, Mark’s relationship with Fox where she bullies him is back to where it was and that’s good enough for Mark.

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Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

In the 80s, after Bob Geldof’s LIVE-Aid Concert for Famine Relief, Mark’s school has each student selling Chocolate Coloured Almonds and the money collected from that will go to Famine Relief and the student who brings in the most contribution will be getting a bike as the prize. Mark has been selling candy to his grandfather and Patrick, his grandfather has turned into an addict as he constantly buys almonds.

The students are also supposed to be on a 24-hour fast and have a sleep-over in School’s Gym whereas the Critch family is having trouble of their own. Their fridge has not been working well and Mike Sr who doesn’t want to buy a new one while trying to repair it makes the whole thing worse so much that the family has to eat all the food over the weekend otherwise it would go bad because the refrigerator has broken down.

Mark, in school, was having a pretty decent time until he found Fox selling her Chocolate Almonds to other kids who were hungry during the sleepover and confronts her about it. His hunger gets the best of him and he doesn’t stop to listen to her point of view.

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However, he couldn’t stop thinking about it and ends up confronting her and finds out that for Fox, having a bike is an escape which she very much needs while Mark doesn’t even know how to ride one. Mark ends up exchanging their sheets to which Fox hugs her in front of everyone.

In the end, we see Fox teaching Mark how to ride a bike followed by an amazing monologue by Mark, the voice-over who narrates the story. It said as follows

“We often go through life not knowing how hard other people have it. We might set out to change the world and realize it’s a little too big for us to do that. But maybe, if we try, we can change our little piece of it. Because giving is good, but sharing is great!”



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