Celebrity Episode 8 Explained: It’s day 5 of Seo A-Ri’s live stream. Since that fashion event, she has been quite successful in her business. Everything is going well she even bought a new place for her office. She’s getting lots of sponsorship now as she’s the first celeb to reach the 1M mark.

Every brand is sending all their new releases to Seo A-Ri to promote. The Gabin society members seem very jealous and angry about all this as everything and everyone is only looking for Seo A-Ri and ignoring them.

Seo A-Ri meets Seung-Hyeok with her friend Jeong-Sun. Seung-Hyeok requests her to let his company handle all the sponsorships as she couldn’t test all the products and review them instead they will handle it and give her scripts to post online. Seo A-Ri disagrees and says she will handle her account personally there’s no need to do this and leaves as she’s got more meetings to attend. While leaving her friend Jeong-Sun asks her if she could do it instead of her but she refuses.

Si-Hyeon hosts an event for breast cancer awareness in Aragon Club where they invite A list celebs and all the money from the entry fees would go to the charity. Seo A-Ri and the rest of the Gabin Society members are invited there. As Seo A-Ri gets there her van accidentally hits a girl so she gets down to apologize to her but that girl seems to be acting weird and leaves them saying she’s in a hurry.

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The Gabin society is quite jealous of her success as she is enjoying herself in front and they’re stuck in the back as if no one cares about them which makes them angry. Choi Bom and Seo A-Ri seem quite close too in the party which makes Chae-Hee very angry.

Seo A-Ri heard them talking so she goes to them. As they talk Chae-Hee and Min-Hye start showing their attitude and behave rudely with her so she shows off a bit by mentioning how her followers are now in millions and they are sitting in some corner. As she was leaving Chae-Hee gets up and tries to push her but slipped which causes drinks to fall on Seo A-Ri’s dress.

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After this The Gabin Society leaves the club and everyone’s worried about Seo A-Ri’s dress as it was sponsored. But she says she will just purchase it. Which makes her question her mentally as how she’s changed.

As she’s about to leave she meets Tae-Jeon and sees that girl she met earlier at the entrance pleading to the club owner asking about her brother. Apparently, she’s that dead guy’s sister and has been looking for him but they told her he committed suicide.

Si-Hyeon and Han Jun-Kyung get there and she stops the man from hurting her. Tae-Jeon tells the club owner to handle it as they take her outside. After this Jun-Kyung takes Seo A-Ri outside and Si-Hyeon asks her husband about that man and he tells her he died. Min-Hye was secretly listening to them and is shocked by this revelation. Later she calls Yu-Rang and connects all the dots.

Meanwhile, after reaching home Seo A-Ri tries to contact bbbfamous and asks him about why he didn’t respond to her texts. Bbbfamous says it was her who ignored her and warned her not to do it again if she’s smart else it won’t be good for her. But Seo A-Ri asks him to tell more about himself as he would to know him as a person but he doesn’t respond and goes offline.

Seo A-Ri gets a business proposal from a famous Chinese celeb. But she seems worried about taking such a big step as they’re quite new in the business and there might be issues in production. But Gyeong-Bae convinces her to take the leap of faith.

Meanwhile, Chae-Hee receives a DM from bbbfamous asking if she wants to take down A-Ri and an anonymous post regarding the club incident surfaces online. The episode ends with a mysterious person visiting A-Ri.

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