Recently, Amazon Prime launched a new series, “Wilderness,” which is available now on the platform with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles. Caryl is a side character in this series, and based on viewers’ requests, we will provide an explanation of her character. Please stay with us.

In the series, the character “Caryl” is portrayed by 52-year-old British actress Claire Rushbrook. You might have forgotten her name, so let me remind you that she played the character of “Janice” in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (2019). She has also appeared in some famous movies like “Ammonite” and “Enola Holmes” (2020), “Doctor Sleep” (2002), “Under the Skin” (1997). Some of her series credits include “Magpie Murders” (2022), “Don’t Forget the Driver” (2019), “Requiem” (2018), and “Home Fires” (2015), among others.

Caryl is Liv’s mother, and she divorced her husband due to his multiple affairs. She became a self-made woman and is helpful and clever. She understands that Will is trying to deceive her daughter, although Liv doesn’t accept this truth.

Caryl is always there to help her daughter and protect her. After the events in the series, including Will’s arrest and Liv starting to publish books, Caryl is a happy woman. It’s heartwarming to see her, as the older lady gathers evidence against Will. Her presence in the show adds thrill and intrigue.

That’s all about Caryl, Liv’s mother. If you still have any queries, you can ask in the comment section.



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