Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is an adult animated series produced by Ubisoft Film & Television. The show is heavily Inspired by Ubisoft’s own video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Directed by Mehdi Leffad, and written by Alex Larsen, Samuel Laskey, and Craig Coyne.

What’s the Story of Captain Laserhawk Animated Series?

Dolph Laserhawk is a supersoldier created by Eden. He escapes Eden with his boyfriend, but his boyfriend betrays him. Eden captured Dolph and sent him to black site prison. Dolph was selected to lead a team of rebels to do covert operations for Eden. Dolph and other prisoners have to work for them as they implanted explosives in all of them.

Is Captain Laserhawk Renewed for Season 2?

Captain Laserhawk isn’t completely finished after season 1 as there is more to the story and you can expect season 2. They will definitely renew Captain Laserhawk for season 2 due to the positive response from audiences and critics.

The series was first announced in June 2021, and after 2 years we finally saw it on Netflix. We can see more of Captain Laserhawk in 2025 as animating the world of Captain Laserhawk took a lot of time.


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