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Call Of The Night Episode 4 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

LIDENFILMS ongoing anime Call Of The Night, also known as Yofukashi no Uta released its 4th Episode of the first season recently. The Episode was a good development in the story as it started off with a bit more focus on Akira after introducing her in a previous couple of episodes as a regular in the series.

Akira is Yamori’s childhood friend who goes to the same school where Yamori used to and since he’s stopped, she misses him there. This confessed this to Yamori in Episode 3. Also, she had also proposed to him too which was followed by a rejection. Recent Episodes have been Yamori trying to juggle his life with Akira and Nanakusa.

4th Episode started off with Akira who is also having trouble sleeping these days one day at midnight for a walk, she finds Yamori and he asks her to tag along and come hang out with Nanakusa. The three of them play and explain the deal going on with them. Positive story development is there because Yamori’s ambition to become a vampire is revealed in this Episode and Akira is nothing but supportive of him.

The Episode ends with Akira getting good sleep and actually getting a bit late for school which is not like her in the first place but all in all, she’s had fun that night.

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