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Call Of The Night Episode 5 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

Call Of The Night Episode 5 Recap: LIDENFILMS Call Of The Night, also known as Yofukashi no Uta released its 5th Episode of the ongoing season 1 recently, full of beautiful night sceneries and shed light on things that we probably thought about Nanakusa before.

How is she living alone like this? If she’s a vampire, how is she making it? Where does she earn the money to live like this, however normal lifestyle it might be? 5th Episode explained that and included Yamori in it for fun.

From the Episode, it seems that Nanakusa is working as a Cuddle Buddy for people who suffer from insomnia and help people and in that part, when the people are asleep, she drinks blood from them so it’s a win-win for her. Money for work and food, both in one job itself.

The Episode also put Yamori in a complicated position because now he’s seeing Nanakusa in a way and having some kind of lewd thoughts about how her body looks and all which he does not want to. Yamori is also put in a situation where he’s asked to cuddle a client because Nanakusa is tired and does not want to do it. There’s some clash between Nanakusa and Yamori regarding being good professional who treats their customers right.

The Episode ended with a scene where Nanakusa seems to be hiring Yamori for the Cuddle Buddy business and she will pay him for it too. Along with it, she tries to seduce him by saying she’ll kiss him like before if he goes and completes the job for the client that has come to the house.



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