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Triptych Episode 1 Summary, Recap & Ending Explained | Triada | Netflix

Netflix’s original show Triptych which is originally titled ‘Triada’, Is now streaming on Netflix, The show is full of suspense and thrill and for those who missed the episodes, here we are going to tell you about the episode-wise recap of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts with a Lady’s named ‘Aleida’ breaking into the hospital and shooting down the Local Guard, Aleida then goes to the doctor’s (Doctor Bartiz) cabin and then she points the Gun at the lady doctor and she takes her to the Top Floor of the building.

Police soon reach the Spot and Aleida was surrounded by cops and Sharpshooters from all around, When a Sharpshooter was aiming for Aleida, he mistakenly shoots the Kidnapped doctor and the local cops thought that Aleida has shot the doctor and thus they open fire on her, Aleida was shot twice on her chest and team of forensic and medicals arrives at the spot.

A Forensic expert ‘Reebaca’ reaches the spot and she was shocked to see that the Aleida looks same as her, Aleida tries to say something but she failed, Aleida was rushed to the Hospital but the doctor could not save her. On the other hand, Reebaca is thinking that how Aleida knows her name and how can she look like her, she asks her mother about Aleida but the response from ‘Reebaca’s mother was negative.

Rebecca asks captain Solana (who is also senior to her and her love interest) to help her into the case but ‘Solana’ asked Reebaca to stay away from the case and he said that the case is closed, Reebaca was shocked to see that the case is closed so soon and thus she starts the investigation by her own.

During the investigation, she came to know that ‘Aleida’ was married and she owns a Million dollar company, she also get to know that, ‘Aleida’ was also getting treatment from the same doctor, Reebaca manages to get the address of Aleida’s Husband from the documents in the office and she reaches her home, where ‘Aleida’ was being buried.

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On the other hand, Reebaca came to know that she and Aleida have the same DNA and they are twin sisters, when she forced her mother to reveal the mystery behind it, her mother finally recalls that she is not their biological daughter.

In the last moment of the episode, we get to see that, Reebaca is watching Aleida’s funeral and in the other frame, we get to see another lady who looks the same as Reebaca again, This clears us that there are three people who look almost the same.

The episode 1 Ends Here, Stay Tuned with us and We Will Bring You More From The Show;



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