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Burning Patience (Ardiente Paciencia) Ending Explained: Does Mario And Beatriz End Up Together?

Burning Patience Ardiente Paciencia Ending Explained: Netflix’s latest Original Spanish Film titled “Ardiente Paciencia” titled Burning Patience in English has been released on the streaming platform. Starring Andrew Bargsted as Mario, Vivianne Dietz as Beatriz, Amalia Kassai as Clarita, Paola Giannini as Elba, Claudio Arredondo as Pablo Neruda, Giordano Rossi, Pablo Macaya, Ramón González, and Katy Cabezas.

The film tells the story of Mario and Beatriz’s love story and how the influential poet Pablo Neruda plays a vital role in the film, Here’s a detailed overview of the film

The film starts from the shores of Isla Negra, a Chilean island that is very well known for the residence of the poet Pablo Neruda. Set in 1969, the film tells the story of Mario and Beatriz. Mario is a fisherman along with his family and one day he has a change of heart and wants to change his profession during one of his job hunts, he meets Beatriz for just a minute as he’s riding his bicycle and instantly falls for her.

Mario becomes the mailman and lands an opportunity to deliver letters for the poet Pablo Neruda who Mario befriends telling him about Beatriz. Mario is also influenced by Neruda’s political views and his poetry while learning to love poetry as well but only as a means to impress Beatriz.

Mario asks for Neruda’s help to woo Beatriz as he’s a bit shy and soon starts to convey his love to her in poems. We see him constantly asking Neruda if using the metaphors that he uses in his poems are suitable to use in his poems.

Beatriz’s mother is strictly against Mario and Neruda because she got pregnant with Beatriz when she was 17 years old he was also a smooth talker like Mario and Neruda but he left her all alone and left leaving her for the care of Beatriz and she doesn’t want Beatriz to go through that as well.

Beatriz on the other hand is very familiar with the works of Neruda and after a strict no from her mother to see Mario, she does see him Mario tells her that he’s written a poem for her but it turns out to be a rip-off of one of Neruda’s poems and that leaves her betrayed and she leaves. Her friend Clarita tells Mario the truth and that sends Mario on a journey of poetic love as he writes a poem for Beatriz and sends her via mail.

Then starts a series of letters from both of them as they discover a new love that is only words and not physical. They find out that they are complete with words that the other person writes for them. However, a love interest comes into Beatriz’s life as well but isn’t on par with the love that Mario feels for Beatriz. Mario seems to get Beatriz especially not her physical traits but because of her heart and that is why she chooses him.

However, Beatriz’s mother is still against the alliance and it comes to a poetic ending when Mario and Beatriz come together to their café holding hands Mario delivers an extraordinary poem that melts Beatriz’s mother’s heart and she agrees to the alliance. In the last scene of the film, we see Neruda walking on the beach and Mario and Beatriz with their kid.

The film is currently streaming on NETFLIX in multiple languages.



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