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Your Christmas Or Mine Ending Explained: Do Hayley And James Forgive Each Other?

Your Christmas Or Mine Ending Explained: Your Christmas Or Mine is a new AMAZON Original Film that is an addition to the plethora of Christmas Films released during the end of the year. Starring Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk, the film is directed by Jim O’Hanlon and tells the story of Hayley & James, a fresh couple who can’t stay away from each other and want to be together at all times.

what would it be when they need to be with their respective families during Christmas no, taking one to his or her family is not an option. Well, that is what the film starts off on, and then delves deeper into the meaning of family, belonging, and loss.

Hayley and James are so inseparable that after going in different directions to their respective trains, they get off their trains and board each other’s trains thus sending each other to their partner’s hometown.

Hayley ends up in James’s hometown and after trying to find a house, an old man with a gun followed a few questions and tells him the way to James’s house. What Hayley finds out there is surprising for her because James comes from a royal descent and he had been lying to Hayley about that.

His family doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of a tragedy 4 years ago when James’s mother died and the family hasn’t been the same after that. James and his father had stopped talking after the death of her mother and then moved away to learn drama but his father wanted him to join the military as he’s of royal descent.

James on the other hand after getting off the train in Hayley’s hometown is mugged by two guys who turn out to be Hayley’s brothers when he reaches to her house, not wanting to raise suspicion, he says that he is gay and is a friend of Hayley from college. During his time at Hayley’s house, he’s met by Steve who calls him the fiancé of Hayley and also has a picture to prove that. Steven serves in the army as well.

However, Hayley had broken it off with Steve quite a long time ago but he still keeps coming back. Seeing this makes James uneasy and he storms off by mentioning that he’s actually Hayley’s boyfriend. However, Hayley’s family accepts him.

On the other hand, Hayley does the one thing she was not asked to and that is to open an old room that contained the Christmas decorations which James’s mother used to light the house with. When James’s father sees her doing so, he gets very angry and asks Hayley to leave the house right away and she does but leaves her inhaler in the process.

The housemaid who has been part of the house for a very long mentions to James’s father that Hayley has a very similar persona to James’s mother and that the girl is good for James.

James’s father goes back to find her after finding that she forgot her inhaler. On the way back, she’s brought back by the old man with a gun who turns out to be James’s grandfather who starts living out of the house after a falling out with his son. Hayley becomes the reason for father and son reunions.

As Hayley is brought back to the mansion, she hears her father’s Ice-Cream truck and finds out that it’s her family along with James. The couple talks about hiding secrets and embraces the new side of each other that was left hidden for so long.

James’s father accepts that his son was only made for drama. In the end, we see the couple become stronger and embark on a new and truthful journey.



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