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Delivery By Christmas Ending Explained: Do Maria & Krzysztof Get Into A Relationship?

Delivery By Christmas Ending Explained: Netflix’s “Delivery By Christmas” written and directed by Aleksandra Kulakowska and Maciej Prykowski has been released recently, The film is another addition to the plethora of Christmas Movies available this season.

The story focuses on a single mother Maria who works for a courier to support his son on Christmas, chaos ensues when things go awry and the packages that were going to be delivered are sent to the wrong address Maria works along with Krzysztof to resolve that in that pursuit.

we see different stories and how they get affected due to the package mismatch and how that turns out to be a good thing for them. Here’s what the film is about.

Maria works for a courier service and finds herself in a jam when her empathy towards her boss is misunderstood as a romantic advancement and she ends up rejecting that. Her boss who is spiteful labels her next-day deliveries all wrong and all the packages are sent to the wrong address creating issues all over.

One of the receivers is Krzysztof who was awaiting his grandmother’s ring so he could propose to his girlfriend but after this mess, he finds out about Maria and both of them start to correct all the wrong deliveries.

Along the way, we see different stories and one of them is of Mirek whose parents find out that he has impregnated his colleague, Mirek is irresponsible and his parents think he needs to grow up. Another story is of Estera who is married but is trapped inside a sexless marriage and her husband is only interested in traveling and watching wildlife channels.

Maria and Krzysztof are different people as Maria is happy-go-lucky and Krzysztof is more practical thinking and is more structured to live, Both of them are polar opposites with different views but somehow the two of them complement each other and they are able to get through the day correcting their misplaced couriers and in that, both of them learn a lot about their lives as well.

Maria, who didn’t spend a lot of time with her son and used to get him expensive gifts to compensate for the lost time was able to realize that what her son needs is to see more of her mother and spend time with him. Krzysztof on the other hand wanted to propose to his girlfriend with his grandmother’s ring but he wasn’t committed enough and his grandfather also knew that on some level.

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Krzysztof realizes that he doesn’t love his girlfriend and breaks it off with her. On the other hand, Mirek is thrown out of the house, and Milena, the girl he impregnated helps him to understand responsibility. Estera on the other hand, after her dress is torn goes to her trailer she’s been friends with for quite a long time who happens to have a crush on her.

Because of their friendship, Estera sends him a Christmas gift as well but in the mix-up, he receives something else that makes him think Estera likes him back as well but Estera doesn’t mind that and she explores more towards her sexuality towards the end of the film.

In the end, we see Maria and Krzysztof who have corrected the misplacements and have realized a lot about themselves in just one day. Both of them definitely feel the attraction but they do not act on it because Krzysztof has just come out of a relationship and wouldn’t want it to be like a rebound. However, there’s a very high possibility that they will get into a relationship in the future seeing their chemistry.

Delivery By Christmas is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.



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