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Breathe Into The Shadows Season 2 Ending Explained: It looks like this show is not going to end so soon and it will leave us with some shocking and unanswered Points, Amazon Prime Video Original show Breathe Into the Shadows Season 2 was released today and here we are going to explain the ending of the show.

The web series have total of 8 episodes in the Second season 2 and all episodes are around 35 Minutes long, You can watch the show with Family as there is no nu** sequence in the film, The show is available in Hindi audio versions as of now, The dubbed versions will be available soon.

Now coming to the Ending of the show, In the end, we get to hear the Voice of Avinash Again and from there it is almost clear that Avinash is not dead and he is living happily with his Family, The code C-16 is also got revealed by the end of the season 2, C-16 was actually the Name of the House.

How Avinash Survived The Fire?

The burning question is How Avinash came out alive from Fire, So it was all part of Is Plan, He has Doctors with him and he shared that Plan with his wife too, They also trapped the Kabir In it and the end Kabir also believes that the Story is over until he saw a Picture on the social media handle. The Plan was simple, Avinash replaced his body with someone else, and then with the Help of a Doctor, he manipulated the DNA and other reports.

J Will Come Back?

Many of you were asking if Will J Will Come Back Again, For me No, The story of J is over Now and for more than 1 Year he is living happily with his family, I don’t think J will Come back and commits that Crime Again.

What Will Happen Next?

Well, I think that the Story will end here and Our Kabir Sawant will be back with another case in the Next season, There is no chance or scope for the renewal of the same story.

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