Blueback Movie Ending Explained: “Blueback” is an Australian Family Drama film written and directed by Robert Connolly and the cast includes Eric Bana, Mia Wasikowska, Radha Mitchell, and other stars. The production is done by Arenamedia the movie has won many awards recently and if you like a light-hearted family drama with some emotional aspects you can consider this movie.

In this article I am going to give you a summary and ending explanation of this movie, so let’s dive into it.

The story is about a child (Abby) who one day while diving in the sea finds out a massive wild groper is under threat and she by taking inspiration from her mother Dora (Radha Mitchell) decides to save her, and later she develops a bond of friendship with the wild groper and when she becomes adult (Played by Mia Wasikowska), she becomes a marine biologist caring for these creatures.

Her work for the marine life got disturbed when she gets a call that her mother Dora has suffered a stroke, she brings her mother with her hoping that a familiar environment will help her mother to heal, and in the flashback, we came to know that she met with BLUEBACK (a Fish double her size which she and her mother decided to keep secret from the world) when she was a child and her mother is working for the illegal fishing happening in the area which is done by a local business tycoon (Erik Thomson) who wants to develop a housing project in the area, Dora wants these values in her daughter also.

We can also see Abby’s cute classmate Briggs (Pedrera Jackson, and the Adult version played by Clarence Ryan) helping her and a harmless friendly fisherman Macka (Eric Bana). Macka also guided Abby later who act as a substitute for her father who died when Abby was a child.

In the end, the tycoon sends his men with a spear gun to kill the fishes when Abby came to know about this she dives into the water to save them her mother also followed her by boat and just save Abby by getting hit by a spear, but Abby also managed to save a blueback from them.

Later in the present where Abby is now young and her mother is old, she and her mother goes for swimming in that sea, In the last scene we can see Abby’s mother Dora is now dead and Abby and her mother’s friend are saying last goodbye to the “Queen Of Bay”, and then her daughter continues her research for her work for making a marine reserve and when Abby goes for diving again she meets with an old friend “THE BLUEBACK”.



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