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Movies Like Blueback That You Can Watch

Movies Like Blueback That You Can Watch: BLUEBACK is a family drama Australian movie which is set around saving a reef by a woman later her daughter takes the responsibility and does the work, For those who want to watch more movies like BLUEBACK here are some recommendations from us to watch if they like this movie.

Please Note that the listing of the film is in Random Numbers;

LAST RIDE (2009)

The story is about a father Son duo who goes on a world tour after the father committed a serious crime. Later on the journey they have to survive the force and the young son has to take some very harsh decisions, that can even also affects their lives. The music of this movie is very good and is available for rent on Amazon and Google Play.

Tim Winton’s The Turning (2013)

Another masterpiece from the same writer who is also the writer of BLUEBACK the movie is a collection of 18 different stories which explore the impact of the past on the present on various aspects of life and how random incidents can change a person’s life. The movie is available for streaming on Apple Tv+

September (2007)

Another work of art you can’t miss if you are a fan of feel-good dramas the story is about a friendship between two teenage boys, one black and one white and their friendship falls apart when the world changes. The movie is available for rent on the ReelGood Streaming platform.

December Boys (2007)

December Boys is a drama movie which is about four orphan boys Maps, Misty, Spark, Spit who are also very close friends but they find themselves fighting against each other for the Foster family who wants to adopt only one. The movie is available on Apple Tv+

Penguin Bloom (2020)

A girl Samantha Bloom who is paralyzed below the chest after an accident that breaks her back, a year later her children bring an injured Magpie and she started to feel affection toward the new family member.

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These are our movie recommendations from us if you have already watched BlUEBACK.



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