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Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King Review | Netflix

Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King Review: Netflix’s latest action adventure anime film is named Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King, which is based on the Black Clover manga series. The story of this film happened between episodes 157 and 158 of the television adaptation of this manga, whereas this film is directed by Ayataka Tanemura.

This anime follows the story of a boy named Asta, who had no magic in a world where everything happened with magic. We see the story where Asta plans to become the wizard king, but we already know that he doesn’t have magic, which is a big deal. In this film, we see the journey of Astra and his plans to win the battle with the Yano, and more.

Besides that, the visuals of this film are stunning, which keeps the audience hooked, whereas the action sequence that we see between the films is top-notch, which I like most, whereas the music of this film is perfect with a perfect intro, and anime is known for that, which I like most.

On the other hand, the plot is not that unpredictable, which can be easily predicted, whereas the first half of this film is perfect with storytelling and everything, whereas some elements in the second half feel a little boring, but the visuals keep moving, and that is the reason this movie is perfect to watch.

My Rating: 3/5
Nudity: None

The final conclusion is that this movie is a must-watch for fans of anime, whereas the normal audience also feels connected with his visual style and the way of telling stories, and the cinematography of this film is pleasing and feels good to watch. At last, this movie is way better than other anime and must be considered for watching.

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Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King is now streaming on Netflix in Hindi, English, and Japanese with English subtitles.


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