Bitch X Rich All Episodes: “Bitch X Rich” is an ongoing South Korean teen drama series that is currently available with only 6 episodes. This show will have a total of 10 episodes. Originally, it is a Netflix original Korean series, but Netflix hasn’t distributed this show worldwide.

As of now, this show is not available in India. Except for the Korean part, this show is available on the Wavee Network. Netflix will also stream this show in India, and you can expect it after the release of all episodes. The expected release is September 2023. We’ll keep you updated with the official release.

The story of the show follows the story of high school students, and it has received an overall great response from audiences.

The cast of the show includes Lee Eun Saem, Yeri, Lee Jong Hyuk and Yoo Jung Hoo in the main lead roles, The show also stars  Han Da Sol, Park Shi Wol, Kwon Se Eun, Ko Ju Hee, and Cha Young Mi in key roles.

Episodes Release date;

  1. Episode 1 – 31st May 2023
  2. Episode 2 – 31st May 2023
  3. Episode 3 – 7th June 2023
  4. Episode 4 – 7th June 2023
  5. Episode 5 – 14th June 2023
  6. Episode 6 – 14th June 2023
  7. Episode 7 – 21st June 2023
  8. Episode 8 – 21st June 2023
  9. Episode 9 – 28th June 2023
  10. Episode 10 – 28th June 2023



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