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Ben Wilson Character Explained: Who Played?, Actor Name | Rabbit Hole

Ben Wilson IN ‘Rabbit Hole’: Ben Wilson played a crucial role in the series he is John’s father who faked his death when John was a child but he is now back with a plan for them to earn some money what is his plan and will it be a success or a failure, what will happen next to know this you can watch the series on Paramount+.

In this article, I am going to tell you the real name of the actor who played the role of Ben Wilson in the series.

Who Played Ben Wilson in ‘Rabbit Hole’?

American actor Charles Dance played the role of Audrey in the latest mystery action series, He got his name and fame from his role in going Postal in 2010, Here goes the list of some of his works that you may look at.

Who Is Charles Dance?

He is an American actor, producer, and director he is mainly known for his role as villains in many movies some of his works are Game of Thrones (2011) Going Postal (2010) The Imitation Game (2014) Mank (2020).

In 2023 you can see him in the latest Paramount+ Mystery Thriller series Rabbit Hole, He Is too good in the series and fans are loving the show.


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