Por Thozhil Plot, Story Summary, and Ending Explained: The movie starts with a sequence of the Police Patrol team patrolling on the road. They find the body of a girl in the forest, and the police begin the investigation of the case. After pressure from the media, the case is transferred to the Crime Branch.

A Crime Branch team, headed by SP Longanathan, New Dysp, and Trainee Prakash and Veena, starts investigating the case. While they start the case investigation, the murders don’t stop, and the killings continue in the city. SP Longanathan uses his experience and asks the team to look into the database of old cases of similar types. Prakash digs deeper and gets some data regarding old cases from 1973 to 1979.

SP Longanathan reads those old cases and gets to know that the case was investigated by Jonathan Sebastian. When he reaches Sebastian’s residence, his son Kanadey is there. Longanathan suspects that Kanadey is the killer, and Prakash also thinks the same. Prakash was planted as a tenant near Kanadey’s house to look after him. Longanathan and Prakash follow Kanadey but find nothing. Meanwhile, the murders don’t stop in the city. Suddenly, it’s all over the news that the killer is caught.

The case is closed according to the police files, and Loganathan and Prakash are removed from the case. However, both Longanathan and Prakash believe that the killer is still roaming free, so they decide to continue the case unofficially. Kanadey asks Prakash for dinner at his residence, and Prakash joins him. Prakash finds a mysterious room inside the house and enters it, seeing old photographs that confirm that Kanadey killed those women during the 1970s. Kanadey also reveals that he used to kill those women to save himself from his father. Kanadey’s father was a police officer who used to beat and torture him daily for trivial things. But whenever a murder happened, his father used to be busy solving the case, saving Kanadey from torture.

Kanadey further reveals that he used to kill women back in the 1970s, but he doesn’t do this anymore. He says that a few months ago, a man came into his life, covered his eyes, and asked him about how he killed those women. He told everything to that man, and from that day on, these killings started happening. Kanadey also reveals that the man had a special siren in his car. Kanadey kills himself because he doesn’t want his son to know about him. Prakash remembers that siren and, by following that lead, they reach the house of the killer.

The killer isn’t in the house, and after going through the clues and digging deep, Prakash comes to the conclusion that the next target of the killer is Veena. Prakash tries to call Veena, but the killer has already rendered her unconscious before she can say anything on the phone. Prakash and Longanathan follow the killer’s car, and after a chase and fight, Prakash manages to kill the killer, ending the story.

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Now the question is, why was the killer killing those women? The killer has a very disturbing past. We get to see that his wife was abusive, and she used to torture him. Due to that, he became a killer and started killing women and girls who looked similar to his wife.

This concludes the summary and explanation of “Por Thozhil.” What do you think about the movie? Please let us know in the comments.



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