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Barracuda Queens Episode 5 Recap And Ending Explained

Barracuda Queens Episode 5: In the last episode, we saw that the girls have robbed 8 houses so far and have stored all the stuff in CJ’s barn. What will happen next? Will the police catch them, or will they escape? Here, I am going to recap the 5th episode of the series, so let’s get started.

The episode begins with CJ calling Louise. He is afraid after hearing the news and tells them to remove all the stuff from his barn today. Louise discusses it with the girls, but no one is free to go with her. They can’t sell the goods now since they have been reported stolen. So Amine goes with her to his barn. They reach the barn, and Louise threatens her, saying that he will remain quiet for now, but the items should be removed from there as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Mia sees the necklace and buys an expensive dress for herself. Her mother notices it and asks her about it. Mia says Louise gifted her the dress after the accident, but her mother is not pleased and says she will call Louise. Mia gives her some money from the robbery, and her mother remains quiet for now.

When Frida reaches home, she is shocked to see her mom and Margareta’s husband running around the house naked. Louise asks Amine if they can go for a drink together, but she is not free that night because she has a big date with Louise’s brother. Trisha, the maid who overheard their conversation, becomes more greedy and asks Amine for more money. So Amine gives her the stolen earrings, which she sells under her own name.

On the other hand, Karla is having dinner with her boyfriend’s family. He is irritated because his family keeps praising her for her good grades. She is drunk and frustrated, so she tells them about the cheating she did in the exam and about the burglaries. But the family doesn’t take it seriously. While Niklas drops her home, she breaks up with him. Frida tells her about what she saw earlier in the house. Meanwhile, Amine and Louise’s brother have a successful date, and they have sex. Louise walks into the room, but she is not able to see Amina’s face.

The Ending

The next day, when Louise goes to Amine’s house, she suspects something with her brother, as she was getting up late. Her father also announces that he is divorcing her mother because he loves Viveca.

The family plans to visit CJ’s barn. While having dinner at the barn, Louise notices that CJ has brought many things from the stash inside his house. After talking for some time, she also learns about Amine and her brother’s relationship, which irritates her even more. She talks to CJ privately about the items he brought into his house.

CJ walks to the barn, trying to burn everything and holding a gun. While trying to stop him, Louise gets hit with the gun, causing her to bleed. She escapes from there in the stolen car and gets stopped by the patrol police on the way. The episode ends.



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