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Barracuda Queens Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained

Barracuda Queens Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: The previous episode of the series was full of so many ups and downs. The girls almost got caught, and Mia’s car also met with an accident. Meanwhile, Frida is also upset about what happened to her. Now let’s move on to the next episode.

In this article, I am going to recap the fourth episode of the series, so let’s get started.

The episode begins with Mia being admitted to the hospital as she has broken her arm after the accident. She tells her mother, Cissi, the truth about the accident. Then she goes to Lollo’s mom, Margareta, for help, and she asks Lollo to help them. Later, Mia, Lollo, and Karla have a fight among themselves when they are on the call.

Karla is very upset that they left her sister alone, and Mia wants to sell all the goods they have stolen from the house. When Amine goes to meet Lollo at his house, she meets her brother Calle, who asks her for a date, and she agrees, but they decide to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, Mia is forced to sit and have a romantic dinner with her mother and tennis coach Alex. She is not happy with their relationship. Amine tries to resolve the fight between the girls by talking individually with them, and the girls agree to meet each other again after some time.

The Ending

The girls decide to stay in Lollo’s summer house and have dinner together. They discuss their personal problems there. Lollo tells them about the car crash, Mia tells them how her mother is being judged by other parents, and Karla tells them about how she was caught cheating and suspended. They all laugh. Frida talks about Andre and starts crying, telling them how he abused her.

The group decides that they will never fight again. After a few days, the girls go to a house in the hills to rob it, but the owner arrives, and he sends his dog into the woods to catch them. Somehow, they manage to escape. They store all their items in Margareta’s cousin’s barn. His cousin’s name is Carl Johan. On TV, we can see that the girls’ gang has committed 8 robberies so far, making them the most wanted in the state.

The episode ends with Officer Lena being appointed as the head officer in charge of the case. While Mia is taking a necklace from the car without telling anyone, Carl Johan notices her, and the episode ends.


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