Banana Fish Is An Manga Series Which Was First Published In May 1985 And Aired For 9 Years Until April 1994 After Two Decades The Renowned Animation Studio MAPPA (Known For Jujutsu Kaisen) Adapted This Manga Into A Anime Series And Released its Furst Season On July 6, 2018.

it Consists Of 24 Episodes and After so much Anticipation Makers Published A Finale Episode In December 2018, This Show Gained A Global Fanbase Imbd Ratings Stands Of 8.2/10. Which is very high.

Will Be There a second Season For Banana Fish?

As Of Now, There Is No Confirmation Regarding the Second Season Of Banana Fish, The Original Manga Has 19 Volumes But For The Second Season, There Is No Enough Script For the Makers There are just 30% Possible Renewal Chances For The Second Season.

If it happens you can expect a new season by the year 2024. But the chances are very low. You’ve to wait for a longer For It.



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