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Austin Dennison in “The Diplomat”: Who Plays & Character Explained

Austin Dennison in “The Diplomat” is a supporting actor in this American Political Thriller series. He is the UK’s foreign secretary. As many users are asking for more details about the actor who plays Austin Dennison in the series, here we are going to discuss it, along with character explanations of Austin Dennison from Netflix’s show “The Diplomat.”

The character Austin Dennison is played by David Gyasi, a 43-year-old British actor who has done many famous movies and series. Some of his movies are Interstellar (2014), Panic (2014), Troy (2018), and Cold Blood Legacy (2019). He has also done some famous web series like “Carnival Row,” etc.

In the series, he is the UK Foreign Secretary, but he becomes a friend of Kate and helps her in various investigations and works. Austin is a humble and helpful character who is always ready to help Kate. When Kate was so frustrated about her relationship, Austin stood beside her. Also, he helps Kate to talk with the Iranian Ambassador. This is how the character Austin played an impactful role in the series.

Hope you got an idea of the character Austin Dennison in the series “The Diplomat,” which was recently released on Netflix. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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